Find a suitable show

Search for great ideas from our web site or ring the Night Out team for recommendations then discuss the options with your committee. To book through Night Out you need to be a community organisation or similar- if unsure check your eligibility first with the Night Out office

Find A Performer

Fill in a Night Out application

Log in or register your details and the venue where you wish to put on the show. Then fill in the simple booking form with details of your event.

Register & Apply

Finances- How it works

Night Out is not a grant but a guarantee against loss. We pay the performer fee and you pay back the ticket income at the door. We hope you do well and can pay a good proportion of the performer fee back as we then use the money to say yes to the next request from another community group. For a full explanation click the link below.

Explanation of Finances

Put on the event

Now you need to promote the event to your community, make arrangements for the night, sell tickets, check if you need to apply for a license from your local authority. Try and work as a team rather than do everything yourself. Have a great Night!

Help with Promotion


Fill out the simple report form giving details of how many attended, your ticket income and what you thought of the show.