NOSON ALLAN FACH is an offshoot of the Night Out scheme.

It helps small community-based membership organisations to include professional artistic performances in their regular programme of events.  It does not support lectures or demonstrations except where live performance is the main and dominant element.  Events of a solely literary nature may be suitable for support by some of the schemes run by Literature Wales - http://www.literaturewales.org  029 2047 2266

In order to qualify, organisations hosting a performance will need to publicise the event in their community and be willing to welcome non-members into the audience - and there should be no special charge for admission over and above any normal club subscriptions.   

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Noson Allan Fach works on a fixed performer fee which is currently £120. If an application is successful Night Out will pay this fee requireing the promoter to contribute £80 after the event. It may be possible to arrange for £40 to be paid by the appropriate local authority.  Noson Allan Fach events can be booked with a separate paper application form or on-line through the web site.  Performances can be at any time of day or evening that is mutually agreeable. There is no definitive list of artists, though we may be able to recommend.  Performers will need to have some professional standing and will probably be locally-based in order to be willing to appear for a quite modest fee in informal surroundings. 


Promoters should make provisional arrangements with your chosen performer before submitting an application.   Forms received less the FOUR WEEKS before the performance WILL BE REJECTED.

We will briefly acknowledge receipt of all applications and follow this up with a full confirmation nearer the date.

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