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Night Out Young Promoter Project

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A pilot evaluation of  9 Young Promoter projects, involving 137 children aged between 7 and 16 years, delivered from March to June 2012 can be downloaded here

Below is a summary of the evaluation

 "… a wonderful scheme that is 'well oiled' to engage those who have become disengaged."

Project Facilitator

 "… enabling the children to feel a sense of ownership and control of over the event made it an experience that I'm sure they will not forget."

Project Facilitator



  1. 1.     Introduction

 A short evaluation questionnaire was designed to gather information on the impact and outcomes of this Young Promoter project. Information was collected from a series of events that took place in March 2012 (plus one in June) as a pilot to test the functionality of the survey form.

  All of the Young Promoter groups included in this series of projects were from Community First areas in Wales and had little or no experience of live performance, particularly within their own community. The project aims to provide opportunities for socially deprived communities to have access to quality, affordable live performances and the sessions offer a chance for groups to experience some of the many jobs and careers in the arts.

 The following report is based on 15 evaluation forms completed at the end of a project by the young persons Representatives or the project Facilitators.

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         Summary/Key Points

  •  There was 100% agreement that the Night Out Young Promoter scheme is very successful. Comments made by the survey respondents show it is a scheme that is well devised; works well for the staff involved and has a huge impact on the children and young people engaged in the programme.  These are just some of the general statements included in the feedback forms: 

          "Honestly, I think the project is amazing."

Project Facilitator

 "The whole concept of it - great to get the children out and about looking at different jobs in the theatre, great hands on experience of marketing, Empowerment."

 Project Facilitator

 "… promoting an awareness of the arts in a deprived area of Caernarfon and giving the young people a clear message that the arts are not 'just for posh people ..'"

 Project Facilitator

           "Strong engagement with the young people, high level of commitment, the accessibility of a professional theatre show in the community."

 Young Persons Representative

           "It is everything we could have hoped for and more"

Project Facilitator

  • The scheme provided each of the Young Promoter groups access to a quality, professional, theatre performance evidenced by numerous quotes from respondents about the audience appreciation and satisfaction.


  • The programme of workshops introduced young people to the range of jobs involved in booking, promoting and hosting an arts event. The practical exercises provided these young people with opportunities to learn many new skills such as public speaking, problem solving and team working, and allowed them to improve on basic skills such as letter writing, in an interesting and engaging way outside of a formal learning setting.


  • The knowledge and experience gained during participation in the Night Out scheme gave these Young Promoter confidence in their abilities, pride in themselves and their community and, particularly for the older children, practical experience to include in their CV's.  


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         "People have been asking us when the next one is."

Young Persons Representative


The word square above represents the full response to the performance.