Quotes from previous projects


 "… a wonderful scheme that is 'well oiled' to engage those who have become disengaged."

Project Facilitator

 "… enabling the children to feel a sense of ownership and control of over the event made it an experience that I'm sure they will not forget."

Project Facilitator

poster boy photo Kiran Ridley 

"I was a little apprehensive at first as to how much time the project would take up but then I redressed the way I was approaching it and found it didn't take away curriculum time but in fact the project added value to the curriculum. After some minor adjustments to my planning I used it as a way to deliver specific curriculum elements. It meant the areas had far more meaning and value for the children as each piece of work was approached with a whole new enthusiasm."

Mrs Waite- key stage 2 manager Bryn Bach Primary

" The project was a great success, and the support was brilliant.  The only possible thing that we could have improved on was to involve more young people in the project, especially some older young people.  Their confidence and willingness to get involved has flourished since the project started.  I was really proud of the way they spoke"

 Lee Davies 3Gs Merthyr  

Young promoters photo 1 Hazel Hannant

"Thank you for giving the fire service the opportunity to get involved with your youth project. It has certainly assisted us getting into the communities we serve and especially the age groups that we need to target. We have experienced a reduction in the call rates in the areas we have been involved & have witnessed a reduction in the verbal and physical abuse to the fire crews attending incidents. I'm currently in the process of gaining authority to use the overtime budget to provide personnel to support the project further."

Stuart Griffiths 
Station Commander 
Cefn Fforest Fire Station

"Nights Out Project - As part of the problem solving initiative for Trecenydd a number of youths have been involved in this project with the Arts Council of Wales. In an area with a high level of Anti Social Behaviour related incidents the regular intervention discouraged the youths from displaying such behavior by offering the opportunity of alternative activities within the community. 
Attending the workshops allowed us to meet the youths in an informal capacity and encourage a two way dialogue allowing us to understand their needs and concerns and become approachable figures within their community.
The final production proved successful in breaking down intergenerational barriers highlighting the good work and talent displayed by the youths and promoting a community spirit which is continuing to grow."
Penyrheol NPT

Merthyr Cheering photo Hazel Hannant

"Blackwood neighbourhood team assisted children at blackwood primary school in a project with the Arts Council of Wales to put on a production of Beauty and the Beast. The children were of mixed learning ability aged 10 and 11years, there were six workshops where police officers interacted with these children. the outcome was that the children spoke freely to officers thus bringing down any barriers that existed previously. The school is on a predominantly council estate which has been a pact priority for the past 12 months. On the night of the show there was an audience of over 100 parents who were all impressed by how the children reacted positively to the police officers involved. Overall the experience was very positive and I enjoyed watching the progress of the children as they organised what was an impressive performance...."

"From my experience the project was a really good opportunity to get to know the school as a whole better (both staff and pupils), we were able to be involved in 'assisting' the pupils in their lessons and preparation for the project, this was done in a number of ways both in and out the classroom. 
The main focus as well as engagement was giving ownership to the young people. I was posted away from the are prior to the completion of the training, however I attending on the evening to watch the show, which was brilliant. The youngsters really took a great deal of pride in their individual responsibilities and the evening went really well. It definately broke down the barriers further between the Police (Neighbourhood Team) and young people both in and out of the school environment.
It is my intention to get the same project up and running over here in the very near future." 
Inspector Matthew.R.Williams
Neighbourhood Inspector
Pontypool Police Station 

Young promoters 10 photo Kapow Photography
"In 2009 The Bedwas Neighbourhood Policing Team worked closely with a group of young adults from the local area as part of the YOUNG PROMOTERS SCHEME. 
As a Police Officer for the local area I had previous dealings with these persons as they had been involved in general Anti-social behaviour near the local shop. The majority of these dealings were negative. My previous approach was " A word in their ear" and then moving them on from the area. 
This scheme provided a totally different approach, allowing us as Police to interact with these young adults, speaking openly about their needs and concerns and offering them help and advice during the process.
I strongly feel that both police and the young adults have benefited. This has broken down barriers. The ward team for the Bedwas area are now known to these persons by their first names and often approach us when we are patrolling in the area. The scheme has most certainly made a difference."
Stuart Lewis PC 2035
Neighbourhood Officer