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Performance Details 

Show Name:                                                               

Performing Company:                                                                                   

Venue:                                                                          Date / Time:  

Your opinion of each Night Out show is important to help us improve the scheme and provide better information for funders.

1. Please rate the performance (circle one number)












2. Please rate how good you thought the audience reaction to this performance was.











3.  Please give your general impression of the company's visit in a sentence:        

(Parting comments from the audience, good and bad! A brief review of the show would also be very welcome)


4. Did you get enough information from the company beforehand?    Yes        No

If not, what would you have needed?

5.  What was the quality of the publicity like?

6.  Would you recommend the performer to another hall?     Yes        No

7.  Night Out is always looking for quotes about how the scheme and the opportunity to organise community events helps local groups. We would appreciate any comments you have as they are very useful to demonstrate to funders the importance of the scheme. (Quotes may be used in publicity material.)

8.  Please estimate the approximate age make up of the audience as a %  
     Age Group

under 16

16 - 26

27 - 59

60 and over


 9. How did you promote you event to the community? (Tick all that apply)



 Press Advert


 Word of Mouth

 Press Story

 Direct Mail

 Local Radio

 Door to Door

 Web site


 Social media

 Social media (please specify)     






 Other (please specify)     



 10. Did you offer on line ticketing?   Yes        No        How many did you sell on line?

11. What was people's reaction to the ticket price? (Please circle)

Could be higher

Good value

Just right

Too high

 12. How much, if any, did you spend on marketing/promoting the event? £

13. Did the show attract new people to the venue?    Yes        No

14. Roughly how many volunteer helped organise the event?

(Remember to include any extra volunteers who helped on the night.)

 15.If attendance was low do you know of a significant reason why your audience was below that expected? Please explain below:

  16. Did you include disability access information such as the wheelchair icon on your publicity materials?

   Yes        No

For future reference you know you can download logos from www.nightout.org.uk to let people   know your venue is accessible

 17. Is there anything Night Out could have done better?


 18. Would you like information about other shows available to book through Night Out?   Yes    No

If so is there a particular type of show you are interested in? (eg. Welsh language, drama or family)   


 Declaration of Income - Please enter below the number of tickets which you sold at full, and concession prices.

Number of tickets sold at £


[full price]       


Number of tickets sold at £


[concession price1]


Number of tickets sold at £


[concession price2]


Number of tickets sold at £


[concession price3]


Number of tickets sold at £


[concession price4]


Total Ticket Income  £


Sum promised to Guarantor (Arts Council of Wales) £                   [guarantee amount]

You are then allowed to keep £                     [agreed costs] to cover overheads

And must pay back any further income from tickets until we recoup the full performer fee of                      £                     [full performer fee]

Amount Payable back to Arts Council of Wales £

I declare the above to be a true account and I shall retain all unsold tickets & counterfoils of sold tickets for 18 months from the performance date to be available for examination by auditors if required.

Print name:



Position Held:                                                                                     

(on behalf of promoter/organisation)