What is it?

Get Creative Weekend is a celebration of the arts and creativity that's everywhere in Wales. It's in village and concert halls, at school and home. It's on stage and digital screen, on gallery and graffiti walls. It moves like ballet, street and lindyhop. It sounds like busking, choirs, poetry and hip-hop. And it's everything in between!

We want to create a national moment that's felt across the world where everybody in Wales takes part in creative activity. We want to spotlight current activity and encourage new. Try something, make something and Get Creative on 1-3 April 2016.

We're asking arts organisations, community groups and societies or all shapes and sizes to invite others take part in a creative experience. It could involve making music, dance, film or photography. Creating with words, paint or digitally. Maybe just generally getting crafty! Whether it's your usual activity or something specially planned, let us know what you're up to. http://getcreative.wales

What's our ambition?

BBC Wales, Arts Council of Wales and What Next? are teaming up to spotlight creativity of all kinds all over Wales, on the same weekend. We'll use as much promotional power as we can to draw attention to the weekend and create both impact and legacy.  We'll have a national conversation on creativity in Wales but we'll want to do more that talk - we want to people to take part.

We'll do this by:

-          Activity: We'll ask arts and creative groups across Wales tell us about how people can take part in creative activity with them across the weekend.  It could be specifically planned sessions or their regular activity. There'll be activity accessible to all levels of experience and ages; from opera singing to graffiti art, drum workshops to knitting.

-          Action: We want people to share their how they choose to get creative across the weekend and share on social media.

-          Promotion: We'll be profiling Wales as a creative nation leading up to the weekend. Across the BBC we'll show the power of creativity in different ways and discuss its impact on life in Wales. We'll be supporting those hosting events on the weekend to do the same too.

-     Bring all this together! We want to develop a signature event - a moment that really sums up Get Creative in Wales - which grabs the imagination and the headlines.

Our key aims are:

-          Raise the profile of creativity in Wales - different types of arts and creative activity and the groups that do it

-          Increase participation in arts and creative activity across the weekend and beyond.

-          Reaching people / communities across Wales who don't normally participate or benefit all across Wales

-          Use digital platforms and tools to showcase and share the best creativity from the weekend with the rest of the world

-          Create a national conversation around arts, creativity and culture


April 1st - 3rd 2016