Coronavirus/COVID-19: Night Out  (31/05/22)

The Night Out scheme is currently taking applications however please be aware of Welsh Government restrictions due to Covid.

 Welsh Gov Guidance

Welsh Government have now issued the following advice

With increasing numbers of people vaccinated and thanks to everyone's continued efforts, coronavirus specific legal requirements no longer apply.  The risks from coronavirus should now be considered in the same context as other communicable diseases risks (for example flu and norovirus).

You are no longer legally required to conduct a specific coronavirus risk assessment. You should consider the risks associated with coronavirus alongside other communicable diseases (for example flu and norovirus).

Coronavirus has not gone away and will remain with us globally. For this reason, it remains important for businesses, employers and event organisers to consider what they can do to reduce the spread of the virus, and protect their workers and customers, including any additional protections for those who are more vulnerable, including the immunosuppressed or those who live with someone who is vulnerable. By continuing to implement public health control measures, businesses, employers and event organisers will help keep the spread of the virus low, improve consumer confidence and minimise the potential of further disruption.

Welsh Government Public Health Advice

Welsh Government have also produced a Standard risk assessment which you may wish to adopt  


Don't hesitate to phone the office if you have any queries.  In the meantime, please stay safe and we look forward to speaking to you again soon.